It is always fun to see how most of the PC sites worldwide tries to avoid every movement in the Amigaworld. As if the Amigaworld isn’t existing at all. But, is one of very few PC sites that actually covers it. They seem to enjoy sharing what’s happens in the Amigaworld. But when Thom from the site posted about MorphOS, which is a ibm powerpc processor compatible operating system. I jumped out of my chair! The article quote is written by Thom Holwerda and is very unique on a site outside of the Amigaworld:

I bought a used PowerBook last weekend – a 17″ PowerBook G4 1.33Ghz with 512MB RAM with 2GB on the way – specifically for MorphOS and its recent 3.10 release, and I’m having a total blast. This guide is a great first stop after installing MorphOS, as is the accompanying tips and tricks article. Amiga-like operating systems have some very unique paradigms and ways of doing things, and articles like these really ease you into them, while offering a first few glimpses into the absolutely insane amount of customization options they offer.

First PC site to have a MorphOS blast got a MorphOS blast

Thom Holwerda from the writes that he have bought a PowerBook G4. On it, Thom have installed MorphOS 3.10 and he seems to be very satisfied with what he have seen. MorphOS is a power mac compatible operating system, which is a AmigaOS compatible OS. So, to get a IT magazine user outside of Amigaworld to try it is pretty awesome. Thom also links to a nice MorphOS beginners guide in the same post.

Including MorphOS. also writes about other Amiga related news as does. On 25th of March 2018, MorphOS 3.10 was released. It was a long awaited release that improves many things. It’s a huge update that keeps the spirit going on. It’s about time that alternative operating systems gets more attention. Windows and MacOS have too much attention and popularity. The computing industry is the only market with almost no commercial competition at all, but a few tries to break that rule.

Most important question! How much will people be able to handle Microsoft and Apples breaking peoples privacy for each updates they release?