Oslo’s Travel Expo 2013

We joined the biggest travel event in Oslo 2013. It is located in Telenor Areana. The same building hosts big events like the Rihanna and Pink concert later this year, and was also the place where Eurovision Song Contest was hold 3 years ago after Norway won it. This time it’s home fore more than 600 travel exhibitors. Distrita visited Norway’s biggest travel expo.

Travel Expo Svalbard

Travel Expo Svalbard


Much better than last year

It’s a huge event. Last year Oslo had two travel expos on two different locations, both just after Christmas. It was too much for a small city like Oslo. The expo in Telenor Arena was the newest one and struggled to compete with the established Norges Varemesse in Lillestrøm. This year there was no expo in Lillestrøm, and it made the new expo a great chance to show developed muscles. We really liked the travel expo this year. It was much bigger, contained lots of interesting exhibitors. We can mention lots of exhibitors from Norwegian regions, including North of Norway and local fiord and mountain sites. But also the rest of the world was represented. We can mention Italy, Spain, Greece (lots of exhibitors from Crete!), Hungary, Taiwan, Indonesia, United States, Chile and so on. We got lots of free trials. We could try out local Norwegian salmon, Taiwanese tea, food platters from Lofoten in Norway, lots of local snacks and chocolates. There were also plenty of competitions. Plenty of free brochures and magazines to catch and many interesting people to speak with! We felt one day was not enough! Next year we will spend more time there!

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