Almost no cars in Oslo. Yet the ticket prices increase by 3%! MDG promised 20% lower tickets when introducing 73 new toll plazas!

The capital of Norway is Oslo and it got 73 new toll plazas for cars around the city. That was going to make public transportation cheaper in the capital area. But nothing is done! Instead, the environment ‘friendly’ government in Oslo with the green MDG (political party) let the Ruter company do what they want. They just increase the tickets yet again in one of the world’s most expensive cities. Nothing is done to give the public transportation users a cheaper and better reason for green travel in the capital of Norway. Did the green politicians just fly away after last year’s election?

As of Sunday 26th of January 2020, the prices are increased by about 3% according to the Ruter press release. All of the tickets are getting an increase in prices and that this is an annual change that is in line with the stipulated framework for inflation. But we were all promised cheaper public transportation tickets because of the 73 new toll plazas and removal of parking places in the Oslo city center.

New Public Transportation prices in Oslo from 26.01.2020

Zones1 zone2 zones3 zones4 zonesAll zones
Adult37 NOK61 NOK85 NOK109 NOK133 NOK
Children and the Elderly19 NOK31 NOK43 NOK55 NOK67 NOK

More expensive to buy a ticket on board if you purchase a single ticket on board with cash on a bus or boat. So it is mostly the elderly that gets the biggest fine here as those that can’t use the vending machines must pay an extra charge of NOK 20 for adults (all zones) and NOK 10 for children and salaries (does not apply for boarding outside zone 1). Ruter doesn’t care about the elderly people in Oslo at all.

The single ticket is still transferrable between lines within one hour though. So it is much more affordable than taking a TAXI in the town still. But with the political movement in the town, this price increase isn’t helping the environmental fight at all. MDG as a party is bigger than ever, yet they just let this happen even though they went into the last elections with words like 20% lower tickets if they got elected.

Oslo is almost like a ghost town with the removal of car traffic. But still, public transportation prizes get increased? It makes no sense!

MDG in Norway doesn’t care about the environment at all

All that MDG in Norway is thinking about is its popularity. There are no environmental talks from them since the election. It is all dead. They used tons of posts on social media to try to fool people into thinking that they are the green choice. But they aren’t!

Any green party that would be serious would for sure fight for getting new light rail routes in Oslo. The town gots tons of traffic everywhere, yet MDG is doing so little. I don’t understand how people who voted for MDG feel now because they don’t care. They care about getting their representatives salaries higher. A few bike roads have been built because of pressure from them but that’s all really.

MDG wants you to think that they do a lot for the environment. Yet they do almost nothing. Then now our public transportation prices increase by 3%. Vote on political parties that want to change something instead. Because Oslo will NOT become a green city when you allow Ruter to increase their prices and their arguments for doing so are not valid at all. Shame on you!

Source: Ruter Press Release