If you have some money and want to spend them while you visit Norway’s capital, there are several shopping malls in Oslo. In this guide from our Oslo section, we give you some suggestions for where to do the best shopping in Oslo.

#1 OsloCity – The most central mall with the longest opening hours

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Oslo Shopping Guide

OsloCity is one of the biggest shopping malls in Oslo. Here you find 5 floors with shopping for everyone. You also find Burger King, Starbucks and Fly Chicken on the ground floor here.

Tip; On the 5th floor, you find a cheap Clas Ohlson store if you need to buy gadgets or other cheap things for your home. Open until 10pm Monday to Friday (8pm on Saturday and closed on Sunday). Meny supermarket has a great selection of quality food, and you can even buy warm food on the go from their fancy sushi and taco department.

How to get there? All underground and tram lines stop just outside (at Jernbanetorget). Bus Lines 31, 34, 37 and 54 also stop outside, including others which you can check on Ruters homepage

#2 Byporten – Great shopping mall side by side with central train station

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Oslo Shopping Guide

Just beside OsloCity shopping mall, you find Byporten. It’s just a 2nd-floor mall, but it is quite long. Here you have many different stores. Some very expensive, others less. This shopping mall is a lot smaller than OsloCity, but also less crowded. On the second floor, Byporten got a quite nice Indian restaurant. They cost around 130,- NOK each and will make you full. Nice service also.

TipKiwi supermarket can be found on the ground floor. They are in general cheaper than Meny and Coop Mega supermarkets. In Norway, you will discover that food is expensive everywhere, but you may save a little by choosing the supermarket’s own brand. Go to Kiwi or Rema 1000 stores instead. They are cheaper in general.

How to get there? All underground and tram lines stop just outside. Bus Lines 31 and 37 also stops outside, including others which you can check on Ruter’s website.

#3 Arkaden Shopping Center

– Shopping mall with Unique stores

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Oslo Shopping Guide

A shopping walk-thru center, with only 2 floors. Here you have many different shops. A small, but a good tip is the Neo Tokyo store. So, if you are interested in Japanese clothes, stuff, and candies. This is the place to go. Prices might not be what you expect, but they really do try to give new input to all the main shopping stores in Oslo. Try it, if you like Manga, Anime and Japan in general.

Sweetie Tip; Although the shopping mall is small the Yummi Heaven store has got two floors with all kinds of goodies. The store offers a wide selection of fresh candy and chocolate. Here you will find a lot of candies that you will not find anywhere else in Norway!

Outside of Arkaden, you find Kjell & Company, a small shop with cheap electronics and gadgets.

How to get there? From Jernbanetorget, just walk towards Kirkeristen. Then you can walk-thru the shopping mall. Arkaden Shopping Center connects the famous Karl Johans Gate with Jernbanetorget. So it’s quite easy to find.

#4 Gunerius

– Nice shopping mall with unique Atmosphere

[osm_map_v3 map_center=”59.9138,10.7536″ zoom=”17″ width=”99%” height=”250″ ]

Oslo Shopping Guide

Also besides OsloCity. It’s also a walk-thru shopping center. Mostly it’s one floor, but also two-floor shopping centers at places. Gunerius was one of the best shopping centers before, but now it’s sort of a mix. A supermarket, Mobile Phone Shop, Flower shops, leather stores, clothing stores, cafeterias, and restaurants are inside of Gunerius.

Delicious food at Gunerius

If you want to have dinner here, you should try Silver Chopsticks & Sushi Heaven. The interior design looks cheap, but the food isn’t bad at all. You can buy Tempura Maki, Chicken Tempura, and Chicken in Red Karri for affordable prices, from 90 kr to 150 kr. ($11-$15).

If you want to buy warm food on the go, you should visit the local halal meat market in the basement, next to Kiwi. Here you can buy warm grilled chicken, lamb stewing, chicken stewing, and chicken tandoori, and more for 60 – 70 kroner ( $7-$8).

How to get there? Brugata station with tram and bus stopping just outside of Gunerius. You can also reach the Gunerius mall by walking through OsloCity walking in the North direction, and cross the big road cross that divides OsloCity and Gunerius. This shopping mall is sort of a link between OsloCity and Brugata tram and bus station. Easy to find.

#5 GlasMagasinet

– One of the oldest Luxury shopping malls in Oslo 

[osm_map_v3 map_center=”59.9133,10.7457″ zoom=”18″ width=”99%” height=”250″ ]

Oslo Shopping Guide

Glasmagasinet was completely refurbished in 2017 and looks now really great. With a focus on interior design, but also Norway’s first concept shop of electronics, Elkjøp. A big cafeteria at the entrance and with plenty of outdoor seatings as well. This is a quite old shopping mall have stayed there for many years but we love the upgrade. They sell all sorts of glass, cosmetics, tools for the kitchen, and other expensive things. If you want your pocket to get empty fast, this is the place to go.

How to get there? Near Torggata and a place in Oslo center, called Stortorvet. You can get here by most of the tram lines, including bus line 37. It’s also easy to access Karl Johans Gate and it’s just beside the Church called ‘Domkirken’.

#6 Steen & Strøm

– Great variety mall with Amazing Food Court

[osm_map_v3 map_center=”59.9120,10.7432″ zoom=”17″ width=”99%” height=”250″ ]

This is another quite old shopping mall. Also very expensive, and it got almost the same stores as GlasMagasinet. It’s however a bit further from other shopping malls. Got many floors, and have expensive food store in the ground floor called Matkroken. It’s a worth visit, just because of its history. Also, one of the prettiest malls in Oslo to visit.

How to get there? It’s just beside the famous Karl Johans Gate street. You can also reach it, by taking the metro to Stortinget station. All lines go there. You should go out towards Egertorget, and then follow Karl Johans Gate street towards Jernbanetorget.

#7 Paleet Shopping Center

– Luxury shopping mall with nice Restaurants 

[osm_map_v3 map_center=”59.9144,10.7375″ zoom=”17″ width=”99%” height=”250″ ]

Oslo Shopping Guide

This is a very exclusive shopping mall. Oslo has been rated as the world’s most expensive city and when I write this, I realize how many shopping malls we have with expensive clothes and stuff.
Tip: Don’t miss Ben and Jerry’s ice cream bar if you are an ice cream lover. There are just a few of them in the entire city, maybe because Oslo is a very cold city. A nice place to visit in the summer, but in the winter it’s too cold for me at least. It’s also expensive. Here you can try Cherry Garcia, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Cinnamon Buns, and more yummy flavors.

The gastropub Public Matpub is located in the basement of Paleet and offers cool everyday food like spareribs and fish n chips. They also give you the chance to try out exotic beers from high-ranked microbreweries in Oslo.

How to get there? You can get off tram, bus or metro at Nationaltheateret station. Then walk towards the famous Karl Johans Gate street, and turn to the right. Just follow the street a bit, and you will reach it. The entrance is just beside Oslo’s Hard Rock Cafe. You find it easy.

#8 Eger Karl Johan

– A fashion orientated shopping mall

[osm_map_v3 map_center=”59.9131,10.7419″ zoom=”18″ width=”99%” height=”250″ ]

This is Oslo’s largest fashion mall. Fashion in the form of designer clothes, handbags, and shoes, will provide even the most discerning globetrotter opportunities for an exciting shopping experience in the heart of Oslo.

How to get there? Just walk along the main parade street Karl Johans gate, or take the tube to Stortinget.

#9 Grønland Bazar

A local small mall with its unique style

[osm_map_v3 map_center=”59.9128,10.7637″ zoom=”18″ width=”99%” height=”250″ ]

One of the smallest shopping centers, located in the heart of the multi-cultural suburb of Grønland.  The atmosphere is not Norwegian at all and most of the customers are African, Turkish, and Indian. Here you find Dollar Store (cheap everyday products), La Villa Restaurant serving Turkish food and their Beyti is absolutely recommended, Max Hamburger with their extended vegetarian and vegan menu, a local pharmacy, some cheap clothing stores (with factory outlet prices), a wine shop (Vinmonopolet), a cafeteria, the dumplings restaurant Kinabolle, a halal fresh meat, and chicken shop and a 24-hour supermarket.

How to get there? Just take the tube to Grønland metro station.

#10 Storo Senter

The biggest mall in Oslo

Storo is a growing suburb, and their shopping mall is Oslo’s biggest with 130 shops and restaurants. Take tram 11, 12 or 13 – or bus 30 from Jernbanetorget (outside of Oslo S) to Storo. Next to Storo Senter you will also find Oslo’s new IMAX cinema, Odeon Kino.

#11 Sandvika Storsenter

The giant mall outside of Oslo

A bit outside of Oslo, in Sandvika, you will find the regions’ biggest shopping mall with 200 shops and restaurants. Take NSB train L12, L13 or L14 from Oslo S to Sandvika. It takes 23 minutes. Sandvika is a cozy small town and worth to visit as well.