Oslo is one of Europes most Liveable Cities

photosource: Michal Bergseth – Vigelandsparken in Museums of Oslo is Free of charge.

According to this article at Far and Wide. Oslo is rated as 13th of the most liveable cities in Europe. In the world it is ranked at 27th place:

Oslo is the hidden gem of all these liveable cities. Overlooked even by visitors to Norway, who spurn the admittedly expensive city for the beautiful, fjords, Oslo is not only filled with history that differs from the rest of Europe (think Vikings) but is also filled with special joie de vivre, that draws visitors in. In summer it is especially fun, as the spectacular setting along the Oslo fjord comes into its own.

The ferries that sail up the fjord and across to the amazing museums (do not miss the Viking Ship Museum) pass by the fabulous Aker Brygge neighborhood which is bustling with restaurants and bars and the end of which turns into a swimming pontoon in summer.

There is of course The Scream (one in the National Gallery, another in the Munch Museum) offering a perfect selfie occasion, and the stunning Vigeland Sculpture Park filled with sculpture by Gustav Vigeland, which has no rival anywhere.

Oslo is one of Europes most Liveable Cities

The Oslo Guide covers Oslo affordable side

If you are a regular visitor to Oslo. Then most of the tourist books writes about expensive places to eat and visits. Sure, the museums is important to see. But Oslo got so much more to offer and thats where our Oslo Guide shines.

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Source: Far and Wide