Opera is Now officialy International. Just breadcrumbs left in Norway

You might think that Opera still was a fully Norwegian company!? Its not, and its been cut into different parts for the last years and months. Kunqis was the company that was going to buy Opera totally and everyone thought it would happend. However! Regarding E24.no site, Kunqis couldnt deliver every paper and deal on the date that they all agreed on would be the final date for the deal.

“The original transaction did not go through, because they did not get the necessary approvals within 15th of July, which was “final date”. But we have received an offer of “consumer part” of business approved by the Board, “ says Opera to E24.no website

The Norwegian software Giant split!
So, because of the failed offer and approvals missing on the final date. Some of Opera moves to China, while other parts will stay in Norway still. So, Opera parts will now be sold for Over 600 million dollars in an endless chaos it seems.

Investing group Owner

  • WWW Browser for mobiles and desktop
  • Security and Performance applications
  • Technology license (Not Opera TV)
  • Operas ownership will be at 29.09% in the Chinese company nHorizon

Still at Opera in Norway

  • Opera Mediaworks
  • Apps and Games
  • Opera TV

Lars Boilesen will continue to be Operas CEO for both of the Opera companies until 31st of December this year. After that, he will only be responsible for the Norwegian part of the company.

With Opera split into so many parts, it seems like the companys future is uncertain. There is a browser called Vivaldi, that have taken many parts from the old Opera browser and made them just better. It seems like money means more than quality and this have made Chrome and Firefox the real web browsers in a competition where Opera seems to have lost the spirit totally. It is shame for the web browser development industry, but thats life. I had Nokia E90 for a long, long time. And I found Opera browser for Symbian very quick. Even today, its the most updated browser for Symbian. Its really sad to see Norwegian politicians just sit and watch without doing anything to put Norway higher on the software development list in the world. Opera should be Norwegian. All respect for the Chinese companies,.. but something is too good to be messed with. Same thing happened with Scala and Funcom. Someone should put a finger somwhere and stop this negative trend in Norway.



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