Before Google made a huge map service, there was serveral small services. But once Google Maps got global, it became a standard that many people uses today. It’s free for private persons to use, but for companies like CNN and other news corporations its not free. Google managed to made map search global and they’ve done it in a quite nice way. But, how about alternatives? The OpenStreetMap project is a very interesting project that have just hit the Amiga market also!

Mapparium 0.1 is out!

OpenStreetMap viewer Out for AmigaOS Systems

Out for all Amiga Flavours!
Mapparium is now out for MorphOS and AROS for the moment. It makes OpenStreetMap available for these nextgen AmigaOS operating systems and it does it incredibly well.

Here are some nice instructions from the site!

To move the map, click and hold the left mouse button inside the map. Zoom can
be changed with mouse wheel (Zoom in = mouse wheel up) or the +/- buttons in the
upper panel.
To search for a position on the map type in keywords into the search bar on the
top of the window and press “Search” the sidepanel will open automatically.
The side panel can be also open or closed by clicking on the panel opener on the
left side next to the map. In the side panel you can find the search results,
tracks and waypoints.
Double click to a search result, a track or a waypoint centers the map onto this

Be sure to get a full review of this new software. We need some days to give you a full review of the product. It seems stable in the 1-2 hours that I’ve been testing this app but all of its features needs to be tested. As a very first release, Mapparium seems relative stable on MorphOS. There are some minor flickering on the maps etc, but other than that it seems to work nicely.

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Install guide!

1. Download the .lha file and extract it
2. Move the folder to the destination of your choice
3. Start Mapparium


There is no need for installing more stuff. An Internet connection is required however for search and move around on the map.

Download Zone!



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