On 29th of March, OpenBSD 5.9 was released. This is a operating system so advanced that the instructions on what is new is as advanced to read.

Here are some of the bigger features in OpenBSD 5.9
  • Installer improvements
  • Improved Hardware support
  • SMP network stack improvements
  • Generic network stack improvements
  • Initial IEEE 802.11n wireless support (WIFI)
  • Security improvements
  • OpenSSH 7.2 is included

For more info about this release, goto their page which in detail describes every new feature:

About OpenBSD:
OpenBSD is a UNIX operating system. In many ways it is similar to Linux, but the similarity stops at how easy it is for end-users to install it. OpenBSD is highly advanced OS and it does support lots of hardware. There are also other BSD variations like NetBSD, FreeBSD and Darwing (OSX).