The history as we know it is blended by the people around us. We humans tend to like communities, even if it comes to killing others. Before 9/11 the world was more open than ever before. The borders between countries was not so cold and ports didn’t have huge fences. Now since Tuesday, September 11, 2001 when the twin towers in New York was demolished. I must say that the world has gone into a terror wave which is getting stronger and stronger.

We humans tend to say after every war that we have learned, but maybe we are a violent race? This terrorism is like a epidemic swallowing different parts of the world, but tend to get stronger and stronger. This is not only related to Muslims in this world, but also Christians like Anders Breivik here in Norway which bombed Oslo and killed teenagers at Utøya.

We have to open all of our minds to terrorism and not to religions at all. Open Your Mind song that I found from Usura on YouTube made me think of all terrorism in this world.

Thats why, when it comes to terrorism/extremism versus people who believes for helping them feeling great. We need to divide these and don’t put a Muslim, Catholic, Christian or Jude person for be a terrorist just because he might look like it. It is important to include foreigners in your country and not let them be a part of negative communities which then leads to terrorism and violence/killing.

Open Your Mind and don’t let media tell you which sides of the religions are best. Make this up for your own good, but don’t beat or kill anyone. If the world opened its mind and gave the world breath back,… we would have a lot better lifes everyone.

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