Version 0.5 of Carsten Siegner’s Epub-Reader called Epub-Reader v0.5 is still an alpha version, which supports eBookMaps (screenshot). EPUB is a free and open e-book standard.

Changes in the Latest version:

  • An SVG (scalable vector graphic) engine is now included
  • Display of all versions of SVG (external file or embedded in the HTML source code)
  • Better recognition of cover images
  • Support of more HTML 4.01 styles
  • Changed slider to scrollbar in the MUI GUI
  • More default styles in the settings window
  • Support of the keys (shift) cursor up / cursor down
  • Scrollbar enabled to use with the mouse scroll wheel

Download: Epub-Reader_0.5.lha (237 KB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

About MorphOS
You can get this OS for Efika, Pegasos and PPC Macs*. The OS is heavy based on AmigaOS, which means its got lightspeed enviroment. This OS is under 300MB in size and requires minimal with mem to work. Got only 128MB RAM, MorphOS still runs in lightspeed. Great multitasking and great enviroment and great speed makes this AmigaOS Compatible OS a must to have.

* = Please check for PPC Mac support!


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