USB Type-C Authentication
USB Type-C Authentication is Soon here

The time has come when USB is going to become more secure. But which of the USB implementations will get that? USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) is an organization that continuously strives to develop and improve the USB standard. They have now revealed that companies like Apple, HP, Intel and Microsoft just have started a USB Type-C authentication program.

USB Security will arrive soon for Type-C owners only

The USB Type-C authentication protocol itself is a few years old but its never been taken to the next level yet. The authentication protocol supports chargers, cables and general USB devices. It uses 128-bit encrypted communication for authentication which can either be over the USB data bus or power supply communication channels. But it doesn’t work on other USB standards than Type-C !

It is known that an USB authentication update for Chromebook is on its way for ChromeOS that will activate this. But there is no information from either Microsoft or Apple about when they will implement USB Type-C authentication protocol. In ChromeOS we know that there will be settings that the user can switch on or off. But when USB Type-C ports and equipment that support authentication find their way to the market for all is still a quite big question. Google haven’t revealed any release date for their USB Type-C authentication system upgrade for ChromeOS.

All USB standards should be supported by the authentication protocol

A interesting question is how is the industry going to solve the problem that will occur when USB devices without authentication features meet on computers that require it. As we can understand, it is up to each entity with the authentication system that also determines which restrictions should apply.

This authentication protocol should be for every USB standard we think. If you leave one USB standard out, then hacking a system will also be way more interesting for people cracking such protocols.

Let’s see what the future will bring. Interesting times.



Source: ITFX, DIGI

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