Almost 90 percent answered “yes” when OnePlus smartphone series co-founder Carl Pei asked about minijack headphone input. But despite people’s reaction, OnePlus removes it in their new 6T phone it seems in this phonearena news release here.

Headphone jack Love seems to be Ignored by smartphone mobile companies

OnePlus is added to the smartphone list over companies ignoring the headphone jack. They confirmed earlier this week that the upcoming smartphone, which might be 6T, will also ignore to add the headphone input. This despite the fact that large parts of the users prefer the mini-jacket!

OnePlus asked its smartphone mobile users but Now they seem to ignore the 88% answer

In March of this year, Carl Pei, co-founder of the Chinese mobile manufacturer, asked his followers on Twitter if they like the headphone jack. Out of the 19,374 people who voted in the questionary on Twitter, it was 88 percent who answered yes and 12 percent said no.

Unfortunately, OnePlus seems to ignore this unpretentious poll.

Headphone mini-jack gives a Much better sound experience

We at Distrita have written articles about this before that you can find here. Ignoring this headphone jack is not a smartphone mobile company worthy. Apple started to do this, so everyone follows them? But is this something that the consumers wants?

Headphone jacks is reliable. They provide great sound and there is nothing to complain about. However, using Bluetooth or USB adapters damages the sound quality a lot we think. It seems that Samsung Note series won’t remove it or any of their products. This is something that Samsung can use against all of the smartphone mobile companies that follows Apple only in everything they do.

Why removing something that is working? Why removing great sound from smartphones? Why is Everyone doing what Apple is doing? .. Stop this!


Source: twitter