Children hurt after the bomb attack

Distrita Care sets focus on Pakistan and the bombing of All Saints Church in Peshawar, which is a huge city with over 2 million people.

This weekend, it is one year after Church bombing in All Saints Church in Peshawar. 22nd of September was the date, when the brutal bombing happened during a church service. Over 191 died and over 100 got hurt totally.

This Bomb attack, led to demonstrations at various locations in Pakistan. Christians demonstrated against the bad conditions. As a small and weak minority, they are faced with prejudice, harassment, forced conversions, abduction and violence in Pakistan which is mostly a Muslim country.

We at Distrita thinks that “no killing” isn’t respected everywhere. We are all humans that can debate instead of killing someone that doesn’t agree with your belief.

There should be no violence against any religions. We are all humans and we do believe in all sorts of religions, football teams and even political parties.

No bomb attacks, no violence, no rape, no racism! Can we make a better world for our future?

It is really sad that this happens and we hope that by showing such news, we do care.