There are so many awesome things to do when traveling the world. One of them is to sit down at a nice restaurant to get some nice food and get a nice experience. But at some of the Restaurants in Portugal where they aim at tourists, there is one thing that you should know about when eating at restaurants there.

Starters are Way more Expensive than the main meals

For first-timers in Portugal. This can be a shocking experience. For us, it was when we visited the country for the very first time. Not only once, but several times in both Porto and Lisboa we experienced a bit shocking experiences at the restaurants that seemed to be cheap.

Often on many restaurants in Portugal, the menus make you think it is cheap. It is but once you sit down the waitresses come with food. You think it is part of the main dish or just a simple bread snack for the main dish. But it is not. It is, in fact, expensive starters that they add on the bill when you are done with eating at the restaurant.

One Thing that You must know about Restaurants in Portugal

Try-Outs is Not what you think it is in Portugal

The most shocking part when tourists or people coming to Portugal order for the first time is that your mind automatically thinks that this food which you get more and more of is okay to eat. But it is not! Its a rip-off habit in the country that more people should be aware of.

Until you say stop is tryouts dishes they just bring you more and more starters which will give your pocket a scream in the end. At Italian restaurants in Norway, Italy or Germany where we have been. You often get butter and bread as a free starter if you haven’t ordered any starter meal. This is not the chase in Portugal.

What’s even more shocking is that they put no price on the starters that you think is a free try-out dish which becomes quite expensive in the end. We experienced this both in Porto and Lisbon cities in Portugal when visiting it.

You won’t experience this on fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s in Portugal. But this applies to private and various restaurants inside and outside of shopping malls.

We don’t know if this habit is still going on in Portugal today. But if it is we make sure that you know about it. To avoid this unpleasant surprise, that feels like a rip-off, do not even touch the food that you’re getting served.

Not all restaurants in Portugal got this method. But now you know what you should be aware of when visiting such restaurants in the country.


Source: Distrita Own Experience