In the latest review of the newest Red Dead Redemption 2 game by Rockstar. The game gets a quite convincing title! They claim that it is the most convincing open-world game ever made. A really fresh breath of the Wild West.

The Most Mature Game Ever Created by Rockstar

If you love open world games, then you will love this one. A world that is so lifelike its actually now Rockstars most mature game ever created. All the details in the game is impressive. All interactions that you do in the game is altering your path in the game. It’s a very solid made open world game for sure.

The story mode in the game is really great. But the free play part and story mode is seamless almost. Sometimes it’s even difficult to know if you are in the story more or in the free game the reviewers write.

When the Modern world was Born

In this world you wake up in the early morning. In the game it is a busy time at the 19th century Wild West camp, with every one of the 20 ish members of the gang getting up to start their day. You walk around, drinking your hot coffee, while people say good morning to you and talk about upcoming jobs. The similarities between what we as humans do daily and what you do in this game is very alike. Although you are playing in the 19th century Wild West.

But to progress in this game, you also need to commit lots of crimes. You need to them to progress in the game and that seems to be a line where the game isn’t so fully open anymore. If this game let you be nice all the way. Then that would be perfect. Well, everyone you interact with in the game remembers you for the actions that you did to them. So, you can become Zorro for example if you want to.

Except for a few rare instances, everything you’re doing in the game feels right when you play the game. Sometime too life alike! You might be struck by the way mud builds up on the muddy roads in the rain and how this also affects Arthur’s boots on a rainy day. The player character beard also grows as the time in the game progresses.

So now, your journey can begin. Our Red Dead Redemption II copy will be played from tomorrow on when the game is launched for Playstation 4 and Xbox One in Norway.


Source: The Verge