At around 10.20, VIP people got to run the very first ride for passengers. From 11.00 and until 04.20 yesterday, people in Aarhus could take their new tram for free the whole day. Finally their tram-train service is operational.

Video from the first VIP passenger ride Yesterday in Aarhus, Denmark

They clap and talk happily about the new service in town. Once when they start to ride and then when they stop at the end of the video. Aarhus citizens have been waiting for this since September, when this tram-train service was going to be started. However! Political madness have made at 3 months of weird discussions on who is responsible for what.

First commercial Ride day in Aarhus, Denmark today

Today is the first commercial ride day for citizens. I wonder who was the first to pay for a tram ticket. This system really looks neat. It’s almost like in Bergen here in Norway, just that here they have built a full train-tram system in Aarhus. Something that Bergen should do also and let their fleet run on the stretch to Voss etc.

It is for sure interesting times in Europe. There is lots of tram development going on in this continent and now Denmark got its first tram network back in many years. Like with many other transit countries. The politicians decisions demolished and removed the tram lines, because that was a trend in the 1960s until 1980s. Now they are back and Aarhus in Denmark seems to do everything correctly. In fact they have built on both Bergen and Karlsruhe tram systems.

Distrita is for sure looking forward to see and try this new tram system in Denmark. Next city in Scandinavia will be Lund in Sweden. Distrita will cover everything that we can. If you have transit news, please send it to our mail: post at distrita dot com

Map of Aarhus tram-train network in the city center

aarhus train-tram map


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