freescalenxpIt looks like there is an merge going on between NXP Semiconductors and Freescale Semiconductors.

Freescale is known for have been the CPU part of Motorola and produces PowerPC processors for the announced AmigaOne X5000 computer. The cpu’s are P3041- and P50x0. Distrita follows this news with open eyes. NXP and Freescale will merge in a transaction which values the combined enterprises at just over $40 billion.

For more info on this news, please head over to NXP press release news.

What is PowerPC?

Today PowerPC is made by Freescale. PowerPC is today used in WiiU by Nintendo, AmigaONE X1000 and will be used in AmigaONE X5000. Before Apple was big regarding PowerPC. Today you can run MorphOS on these PowerPC Mac’s. You can read about MorphOS here

NXP Website

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