We would like to recommend to you a special store just beside the entrance of Grønland area in Oslo, Norway. They sell various nuts and dried fruit. This store is called ‘Nøtteblanderen’ and is all about selling you quality nuts and dried fruit products. Both in loose weight and in own wrapped designed paper bags. Here is a unique store in Oslo with a pure heart regarding choices and service. We visited them to give you a glimpse of store types in Oslo that isn’t too common and the prices here are affordable too. Read on for our experience further.

nuts and dried fruits

Walnuts from Chile, California and even covered walnuts in Chocolate

This store have so many variations of nuts and dried fruit that to choose can be difficult. However, the service that the owners give is really nice. They let you actually taste and try nuts that you don’t know the taste of. In fact when you just stand there, she kindly comes to you and gives you the possibility to try variants that you are uncertain about. That is service which we have only seen at different food events in Oslo. So if you love nuts or dried fruit. Then Nøtteblanderen is the special nuts store that you should try out.

When we did our review of this store, we bought pretty much nuts and dried food for 300 NOK. So, the prices are affordable. You can also watch the video of us having a nice nutty time on Distrita TV here. We think that the reason for this is that is that this store is located on the Grønland area and because of it can sell products cheaper. In fact almost all of the stores in Oslo that is in the Grønland and Tøyen area are more affordable and cheaper. Lots of foreigners have opened their own local stores, making this area a cheaper place as the competition here is bigger than in other parts of Oslo.

Not just nuts. Lots of dried fruit on sale here also

Many call dried food a type of snack that is healthy. It is also listed as survivalist foods. Healthy dried foods keeps alive longer and is a nutrition that is good for you. Nøtteblanderen have so many variants. The dried pineapple that they sell is one of our favorite. However, they even sell dried water melon too. It’s delicious! But this is still not all… They also sell lots of nuts that are covered with caramel, chocolate and other flavors. This store got everything that is related to nuts and dried fruits for sure! Also they do have their own special nut butters that they make themselves. Nøtteblanderen in Oslo is really something unique and we strongly recommend you to try it out. Oslo needs more stores like this!

Check them out and do visit their Facebook page for more Information

Map of where You can find nuts and dried fruit products at Nøtteblanderen

[osm_map_v3 map_center=”59.914,10.758″ zoom=”16″ width=”100%” height=”450″ ]

More photos of the various of nuts and dried fruits that this Nuts only store got

nuts and dried fruits nuts and dried fruits