Media:  Not only in China!  A sequence in which the Swedish standup comedian Ozz Nûjen criticize Norway for wanting to do a mass-trhow-out of the Rom people, was cut off from the Norwegian version of Skavlan last night. Ozz thinks that this is Cowardly, according Nûjen. The censorship was only for the Norwegian version of Skavlan show (a Friday talkshow in co-operation between NRK and SVT).

This is very coward act from NRK perspective. Mostly all of Norwegians with Cable TV, also have SVT. Which means that normal people would be able to see it. NRK have really done it this time, thinking that Norwegians doesn’t need to hear critics about Norway by others.

This is Censorship which is Only in countries like China or even North Korea. Very bad of NRK.

FACT addon: NRK is a state owned TV channel in Norway, like BBC in United Kingdom.