Once upon a time there was smart people who watched cartoons and kids shows because they did and not because it teached them bad manners. People in todays world thinks that the world have become dumber so that we all should watch censored children shows from the 80’s. Why is it media that is controlling this? Or is this us humans becoming more dumber?

Pippe Langstrømpe (Pippi Longstocking in English) (made by Astrid Lindgren) speaks words like “neger” which means “negro” in Norwegian. Yes its negative, but it should be parents that teaches the children whats wrong or not to say. What sort of words provocate or not. Not the media! The media that saying that China, North Korea and other Communist states is doing wrong, is censoring their own shows now because of us humans getting more dumb? Are we?

Here is a YouTube clip:

Not only Pippi is getting censored. Also Team 17 which is a known game developer (Worms). They have just released a new version of Superfrog which is “easier” because they say that todays children requires that games today should be easier to play. Too hard games doesn’t sell, so all of the levels have been made easier. It’s still a great game for sure, but… I am starting to get a feeling that were starting to underestimate our children!

Before we watched He-Man, Bravestar and even Transformers. I haven’t been touched by it, and neither have other friends that I have. In fact, all of my friends have great memories from the past. Yes, the shows were violent, but they teach us that violence is indeed not the way to go, but dialogue.

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Please tell NRK (national broadcaster in Norway, equal to BBC) and especially SVT (national broadcaster in Sweden, equal to BBC) to stop this censorship. We are all not getting dumber and we don’t want our favourite children show to be censored for todays children. Its pointless and its hurting us all more than it gives wisdom and knowledge.