In this very few seconds, A-EON have just announced on its Facebook page that AmigaONE X5000 pre order have started and that the price will start at £1699 which is about £450 less than the price of AmigaONE X1000.

Here you can see the poster that A-EON have given its community to share
AmigaONE X5000

For the moment, AmigaONE X5000 is only sold together with AmigaOS 4, but will later also have MorphOS support when MorphOS reaches version 3.10 – This is indeed interesting times for all Amigans over the world, but the price of AmigaONE X5000 is still a bit too high for most peoples economies. It seems for Distrita that A-EON is not going after the PC and MAC marked, but for those loving AmigaOS at a high speed.

More info about this will appear on A-EON’s website later! Be sure to read more about this new Amiga on Distrita very soon.