From 1st of March 2019. Oslo in Norway was going to get 73 toll plazas. Today all of them is already available in Oslo,  So, we think that it is quite funny seeing Paradox, which is the company behind Cities Skylines to release the Cities Skylines Industries DLC package. The Free part of the package adds toll plazas to the game. So you can now challenge the Norwegian government!

Because of this DLC package, you can play the interesting government in Cities Skylines Industries without paying extra for it. And this can be a nice income addition to your economy in the game too. You need to understand the willpower telling you exactly why the Norwegian government is doing this. But also to give Oslo nicer air. It will be interesting to follow if Oslo will survive.

Watch this Awesome Cities Skylines Industries Review

In this video, one of the best YouTubers aka LGR does a fantastic review of the game. In it, he takes a look at the seventh expansion pack for the game! He also shows you the new gameplay and asset additions to improve the country and city simulation, which doesn’t need extra payment.

If you need a package that is complete and let Cities Skylines become more alike Transport Tycoon type of games. Then you should get this DLC package. It is really about what you want. But if I know Cities Skylines players. People will mod and do awesome stuff to their cities. With this Cities Skylines Industries pack, all game moders out there will be very happy for all the additions that come to the game.

Now you can Play the Norwegian government in Cities Skylines Industries
Now you can place toll plazas in the Free update that comes with Industries DLC

In this new package as you see above. Now you can build toll plazas so you become as rich as the Norwegian government. You can even build more. But remember! You need to build more than 73 new toll plazas to top Oslo’s toll plaza creations. Also, most of the other bigger towns in Norway expands toll plaza rings too.

Cities Skylines is now 3 Years old but still Developed

Great to see an Indie game like this from Finland that is still getting so much love after so many years on. The community got the willpower to produce dozens of add-ons to the game should be forgotten neither. They continue to provide addons that people like. And the fact that the creators at Paradox made this game so freely and easy to mod makes people Love it a lot!


People gets More than happy to buy expansions of developers like these who treat users so great. Many game developers to forget creating communities and so their games ends up as dust. Lot’s of indie and new developers should look to Cities Skylines. Paradox has done it again. And that’s an achievement to be very proud of.

Now you can Play the Norwegian government in Cities Skylines Industries
Toll plazas comes in Different sizes and shapes. Now you can really become the Norwegian government in Cities Skylines

Get the Industries on Steam

Get Cities Skylines on Steam here

Get Industries for Cities Skylines here




Source: LGR on YouTube, Steam

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