On 20th of June, this new law started up. It means that everyone which buys things from web-shops within EEA countries in Europe have the right to withdraw the bought product within 2 weeks. This law is now active for all EEA countries.

Some facts about the new law:

  • You still need to pay return postage, but if the store doesn’t inform you about this, thenĀ the store must pay yourself.
  • Previously withdrawal trial right, so you could test the product first and regret afterwards. This will in itself still apply, however: The store may claim to compensation for any loss of value if they think you have used it, and not just tested it. Consumer Council envisages that this could create trouble, and that you have to get some samples from the courts before we know whether the trial court has lost itself.
  • Previously, you could regret intimate products after trying them. Now you will not be able to regret sealed intimate products, if the seal is broken.

So now the law changed. Most important is that you have rights to withdraw anything within 14 days if you haven’t used to product.