In a world where we all see a increase of Internet usage. There are more and more servers built that produces more and more heat. And it is this heat that people at Ulven will get. It’s an interesting time that we all live in for sure, where heating by using Internet can heat up homes.

A few kilometers northeast, on the Ulven area of Oslo. Here you find several thousand hard drives that are gathered in the same data center that produces a lot of heat klimaOslo site inform us. The business building is like an external computer room for thousands of businesses and individuals across Norway. The computers produces a lot of heat, which until now has gone to the air instead into peoples homes.

The servers have been cooled down and the surplus heat sent straight into the air. The phrase “to fire for the crows” has rarely suited the pass.

Internet usage into Heating in OsloServers will be heating up Oslo apartments

Soon the energy that is created in the data center at Ulven in Oslo, will be able to heat up more than 5000 homes. The company behind this idea, DigiPlex has entered into an agreement with the energy company Fortum Oslo Heating on recovery of surplus heat.

– Every time you’re on the web, streaming a TV series or using a shooting service, a process starts in a data center. The process creates heat. Now the heat will no longer be released into the atmosphere, but sent back to the consumer as district heating.

“We must all do what it can to reduce our environmental footprint. This is such a thing, “said Eckhoff.

What a brilliant idea this is. If only this possibility was available many years ago. Then it would be awesome. However, its better being late than never getting this new heating process up and running. All of the people at Ulven can be happy to get their apartments heated by servers this winter. Fantastic!

This type of Internet heating will be Available in new Areas of Oslo soon

Project manager and civil engineer in Fortum, Anders Westin is in a street crossing between Pilestredet and Rosenborggata in Oslo. Here are insulated steel pipes with 25 centimeters diameter down under the street. They will carry water that keeps the boiling temperature. Buildings and businesses will be able to connect to them and receive environmentally friendly district heating for heating.

“This is about benefiting of the excess heat we already have. At the Wolf we extract energy. Using a certain amount of electrical power, we maximize the energy already there, says Westin.

From autumn 2019, heat exchangers on the Wolf will send heated water into Oslo’s district heating network.

– This is a new type of energy production for us. I think it’s exciting, says Westin.

Internet usage into Heating in Oslo

Digital heating source is The Future for many

Gisle M. Eckhoff is the Managing Director of DigiPlex. It is a fact that Norway is attractive for the establishment of data servers, due to access to competitive green power and stable power grids. In the event of a future increase in the capacity of the data centers, the delivery of the digital Internet usage heat to the district heating network can increase further.

“We are relatively proud to contribute to increased climate change also for the data center industry. We already use renewable power, now we also use our spill heat to warm up uslobbers throughout the winter, “says Gisle M. Eckhoff in DigiPlex Norway.

Now, if only many of the PC’s that generates a lot of power should also do this. Maybe if there was a way to connect PCs to the walls in apartments. That their heat could provide heat for the homes? Now, that would be a revolution for many people. Especially in those countries where power is expensive. Just plug the PC you’ve got into the wall so it spreads the heat around the house.

What are you waiting for? Let’s stop to waste stuff that we can use.