Education First (EF), which is perhaps best known for its language schools, has spent a couple of years to test the language skills in 44 countries. Over two million people have taken an online English test in the years 2007 to 2009.

– No master the English language better than the Norwegians, “said Morten Davidsen, who heads the EC office in Norway, before he adds an important information, ” among countries that do not have English as their mother tongue. ”

The other four countries that top the list and get the grade “very good”, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. A clear similarities among the countries that score highly is that they are young, rich and located in Northern Europe. There are countries with high education level and language that is not particularly widespread in the rest of the world.

– The survey shows that countries that spend much time and resources on children’s education and training, getting stronger English skills among the adults. We see that Norwegian youth understand that good language skills can open many doors and many therefore choose to take a part of the school stay in England or the United States to learn English well, “says Davis.