When you visit Norway and want to take the national railway company trains. Be sure to enter Betjent (a wagon with personal service) if you don’t want to get unexpected fee. If you run so you won’t miss a train and you enter Ubetjent (a wagon without personal service) wagons. You can in fact risk to hit a controller even if your tension was to goto the Ubetjent part of the train.

NSB which is the name of the company, likes to make money on this. They make sure that older people which are not so fast and enters Ubetjent wagon can get caught and give NSB extra cash. Not only older people, but also young people. If the controller sees you, even if you are on your way to the Betjent wagon. They will charge you for 900,- NOK! or 750,- if you want to pay at the place.

I have been to many cities and countries around the globe and Norway is the only place where this system is in use. Its a very unfair system, but also a system that gives NSB extra cash. They simply use people in a hurry and older people in this way. Its shocking!