A person went to Finland for shopping with his two year old dog. They were going to be in Finland for 18 minutes. The person did a big mistake, but to get his 2 year old dog killed because of 18 minutes is too far.
The store he visited was just beside the customs, so he took the trip over to Finland with the dog for only 18 minutes, but that didn’t help. No matter what. The choice was to either do quarantine for six months or kill the animal at the spot, just because the rules in Norway doesn’t allow people to do this.

The person was told that the dog had to be kept in quarantine for six months. That would mean 300 NOK per night which would end in a bill at 54000 NOK. With this insane amount he choose to end his 2 year old dog.

Is this a human thing to do? No. How could this dog ever be able to have some kind of flu? The owner had him tested several times, so the dog was fine.

Family reacts to a lack of flexibility in the rules. As they said, the shop was located just 150 meters from customs agents, and he were only gone for 18 minutes. He talked with the customs for over an hour, but they were not interested in checking when we had run into Finland. The dog was not contagious, the person stated to Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.

The Norwegian customs seems to do everything right, as they state:
“But no matter how long you are away, your pets need to have the proper documents to get across the border again. Home from Sweden are the rules even stricter. Then it requires that the animal should be examined by a veterinarian before it travels to Norway again.

For sure, to be infected from the dogs or take some other flu from another country into Norway is bad. But how is this possible? The dogs in Sweden, Finland or even in Russia which Norway have border with have contact with other animals and birds for sure. They fly into Norway and they cross the borders without no one checking. The customs should have checked when he crossed the border to Finland. That would be fair for them.

Shame shame…!

So, now you know. If you are going to take your dog outside of Norway, you need to have a passport for it. You need to apply this.