Today we gonna show you a building that probably is the most beautiful water plant! We at Distrita loves beautiful buildings and nature! And what if we could combine a beautiful building that reflects the stunning nature with wooden and glass that reflects the light and gets an amazing impression?

Water is essential for every human being…

Around 81% of the world’s surface is covered by water! And the same amount of the human body consists of water! Water is extrenely impoertant for all life on earth! Since the beginning of 1900, we have used water for getting energy!

Take advantage of the nature’s resources like wind, sun and water! And the world gets cleaner!

It’s an environment-friendly way to get a less polluted world! In a long country like Norway where we have lots of forest, mountains and nature, we should definitely make enviromental friendly power stations! We should take advantage of all the rain we could transform to energy! And all the snow that melts into water in the springtime can be used again!

Norway is leading in water plants! Now they also design beautiful ones: Norway’s most beautiful energy stations

water plantsNorway has built more than 800 water energy stations! Most of them are boring and made without thinking of design and the it’s beautiful surroundings in the nature. We think that’s a shame! We were happy when we found a new energy station in Helgeland, Norway, that looks impressing and has almost become a tourist attraction already, known as

 Norway’s most beautiful power station! Isn’t that incredible?
Water Energy in Norway

Water Energy in Norway

You can visit the website of Ovre Forsland for a closer look at the power station! Distrita discusses: Water plants are needed everywhere water exists!

Where is Ovre Forsland?
It is located in the most southerly district in Northern Norway. Generally speaking, Helgeland refers to the part of Nordland county that is located south of the Arctic Circle. It is bordered in the north by the Saltfjellet mountains and Svartisen glacier, which form a natural border with the Salten district. In the south, Helgeland borders Nord-Trøndelag county.

The district covers an area of about 18,832 square kilometres (7,271 sq mi), with nearly 79,000 inhabitants. There are four towns in the district: from south to north these are Brønnøysund, Mosjøen, Sandnessjøen, and Mo i Rana (source wikipedia)

We at Distrita want to guide you in beautiful buildings, design, architecture, both interior design and exterior design, and nature around the world. This time: Norway’s most beautiful energy stations

Don’t think that Ovre Forsland is the only beautiful water plant… More beautiful design is coming up…
Tosen Water Plant station promises to be at least as beautiful as Ovre Forsland and is under construction already!

water_energy_toten and ovre forsland

water_energy_tosen and ovre forsland

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