For those which havent read about it. Norway have actually given Indonesia 41368326 EURO (370 000 000 NOK) to get the country to become way more enviromentfriendly. But what happened? A new report from Greenpeace, is showing that Indonesia didn’t report about 1.75 tons of CO₂-waste.

On NRK pages, which is owned by the Norwegian TV broadcaster writes about this case which made me quite interested and felt it needs more attention worldwide. There is too much CO₂-waste worldwide and Indonesia didn’t report 122000 forest fires in autumn 2016.

“According to Greenpeace, Indonesia failed to report on CO₂ emissions of staggering 1.75 billion tonnes of the climate summit in Paris. There are 33 times as much as Norwegian greenhouse gas emissions in 2014.”

It’s interesting to see that my tax money is going to this. Corrupting government shouldn’t get income like this. Norway is also not a CO₂ friendly country. Yesterday, Norway choosed to go for long busses in Stavanger and Trondheim. This will only worsen the situation for all those complaining about bad air in Norways bigger trains. Norwegian government thinks quick money all the time, but in the end they worse the enviroment for everyone. Especially in winter time, the busses pulls asphalt and other dust up in the air that stays there because of the cold.

People seems to ignore earths enviroment totally and now with Trump doing it even worse. What is it going with the world?