There are many newspapers, news channels on tv and sites that are reporting about North Korea missile that went over north of Japan and plundged into the sea. However, no other than the guy from Abroad In Japan managed to describe the scene better I think. And at the end he sends a wise and informative note about North Korea too.

06.04 in the morning with North Korea Missile Alert

In Aomori, north of Japan where this YouTuber stays we can clearly witness how the Japanese allert system works. There is both warning sirens heard outside of the place where he is staying and also his iPhone got a prioritized message saying “Emergency Alerts” telling him about whats happening in pure Japanese.

At this time of the missile alert moment, the message was saying “A North Korean missile has been detected”. In the speakers they tell people to take cover etc. But this was only in Japanese. How about other people that doesn’t speak Japanese?

06.16 yet another warning regarding the North Korea Missile Alert

After just 12 minutes, the warning was on again. And then even 15 minutes later his TV turned itself on even regarding the North Korea Missile Alert. He explains very clearly that he didn’t turn the TV on at all. After this the alerts weren’t on again. But the threat from North Korea for Japanese people is still there.

So! Including bears and North Korea Missile Threats. Japan still have vulcanos, earthquakes and even tsunamies. This country which is one of the cleanest countries in the world have so much threatning them. But still, the Japanese are amazing at respecting each other ever since the school and kindergarden. This country is so organized and so strict regarding becoming adults, so when you finally are one. Then you know how to behave. Not all behaves nicely in Japan, like those organized thru Yakuza etc. But the rest is so clean and amazing people.

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After watching the fantastic International YouTybers from Japan like, Only In Japan and Abroad in Japan. You get to understand Japan a lot more. The spirit to be positive and have energy thru all of your life seems to be the thing in Japan. There is absolutely perfection in every thing you do and thats maybe the reason for some to get a girlfriend or boyfriend from Europe or America. Because the lifestyle is so different. I really enjoy watching all of the videos from Japan and I hope that the world will in the end do the right thing regarding North Korea. Japan doesn’t deserves these missile tests.

Distrita is for peace in the area! We love Japan!

Abroad in Japan