Take a virtual tour of Pyongyang in the world’s first North Korean online game. The people that produced this game, is Nosotek, which is an interesting company because they are the first western IT venture in North Korea. The game is absolutely free and can be played thru your browser. 


The graphics are dated for a 2012 game, but the aim of the game is to give people a touristic view of Pyongyang.

The free game is called ‘Koryo Tours Pyongyang Racer’ and according to the tour company:

“You will drive a long journey through Pyongyang. On the journey there will be special sites that you can see, but you should also collect the items that appear close to the sites! Don’t forget to collect enough gasoline during your journey! If you drive recklessly there will be a Traffic Girl to direct you and if you get too many warnings…”

Koryo Tours is the largest tour operator that takes foreign tourists into North Korea, and you can play the game at their site here.