Back in April this year, Distrita reported on a new update in the making for the game here.  But the developers behind one of the most xtravaganza games ever can now reveal some of the biggest changes coming for the game and the date is set too. The name of the next major update is also revealed. Hello Games call the update for Next. This update will introduce real multiplayer part to this ambitious space game, which you can read about on Deputy Chief Sean Murray blog site.

No Man's Sky Next Update

Way more Activity will be Introduced  in the Next No Man’s Sky Update

No Man’s Skys humongous universe (Elite II vibes for sure…!) will soon become much more crowded. In a recent blog post on, Murray revealed this week the first details of No Man’s Sky update that the development team named Next. They also included a release date for both the update and the previously announced Xbox One edition.

No Man’s Sky update named Next will be rolling out for everyone who owns the game on PC, PlayStation 4 and also now XBOX One release on July 24th 2018. XBOX One owners will also be able to play Next update from the day No Man’s Sky Next update is out. Fantastic news for XBOX One users out there.

Multiplayer adds much more Activity to No Man’s Sky that let You Explore and build with friends

Next update for No Man’s Sky provide the multiplayer addition that many had hoped to find already two years ago, when the game was released. But that didn’t happen. Prior to the launch in August 2016, the promotion of this ambitious space game there was talks about adding it from the very start, but it didn’t. But now, finally! It’s getting added on 24th of July 2018.

Until now, No Man’s Sky players only had a simple chat system added. But, Next update will give players a totally totally different experience, Murray says. It will be really interesting seeing it alive. This is going to boost the sales for No Man’s Sky a lot we believe.

No Man's Sky Next UpdateExplore the humongous Huge universe in No Man’s Sky

In this update that hits you on 24th of July, you can then explore the No Man’s Sky humongous universe with friends.

You can explore and shape the universe with friends when Next is out. For example, the buildings you create will be shared for everyone in the group. You can then return if you no longer play together. Just as it is, one can also encounter other discoverers. You can then choose to help them, ignore them or raising them in hopes of kicking off valuable resources.

“This has always been the potential that I think many people could see in what we were doing. It has required a lot of hard work, but thanks to the team and our player base, we are very excited to finally make it a reality, Murray said.

Exactly how the group of No Man’s Sky will work remains to be seen as Murray haven’t revealed this yet. For example, Distrita do not know if you can only play with people from your friends list, or you can form groups with whoever you meet in the game world. Another question is if cross-platform gaming will work or not. Microsoft have been very openly regarding this, but Sony still ignores that possibility.

There will be more updates regarding No Man’s Sky very soon. Once we have it. We will focus on giving you the details as fast as possible. Thanks for reading Distrita.


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