Now as Android is rising and Bada is shining. Symbian phone Nokia E90 with its superb qwerty keyboard have given its last breath you might think? Well,… Distrita have been using this incredible Symbian phone since 2007 and have to tell the truth. Nokia E90 must be one of the most stable Symbian phones ever made.

If there is one phone out there with almost no Symbian errors, it must be Nokia E90. I’ve tested most of Symbian phones like Nokia N-Gage, Nokia N70, Nokia N95 and Nokia E90. Of all of my tested Symbian phones, my heart goes for Nokia E90. Its hardware is still good and its capable of showing 720p HD content in mp4 format in 700×352 screenmode. The internal screen is still one of the better LCD screens also and speakers have wonderfull quality. The phone might be very big and for some quite heavy, but its lighter than a PV or Mac laptop. I call it a mini laptop, as you have full version of Quick Office coming with the device. Lets you work on the device. Adobe PDF reader also exsists for it, so watching PDF content is not a big problem at all. You can also surf on modern websites with the full support of Opera web browser. So the device have what it takes to be on-line, even in 2010. There is also lots of software for Symbian which makes life so much easier. Symbian is still the biggest smartphone operating system and tend to hold that title for some time still-

Nokia E90 might be 3 years old, but its useable! Its so much more than just a cellphone. The device got videoplayers, musicplayers, web tools and browsers, pdf reader and even full blown Office package. Phone got wi-fi and bluetooth too. You even find Skype for the phone too. For its age, Nokia E90 does it job in 2010. We at Distrita likes and gives it 10/10 in score just because of how good this device is. With touch, E90 could be even better! So, lets hope for a touch version of E90 which is lighter but with same qwerty keyboard qualities in 2011.