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There have been relatively calm from both Nokia and Microsoft after the giants joined forces earlier this year. The duo is working to stitch together “the best of both ecosystems, which in practice means that they will integrate the best of Windows phone platfor into Nokia’s phone platform.

– 12 Windows phones in 2012, Nokia and Microsoft says.

According Bozotti Nokia plans to launch a total of 12 phones with the Windows phone during the next year, and ST-Ericsson shall have secured contracts to build the hardware of many of these. We’re not talking just about the U8500 chip, but also the sequels to this. This is very interesting, but after Distrita visit at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we got a very not to good feel of the new Windows Mobile platform. It looks to childlish and is not ment for taking the world by storm we at Distrita thinks.

Our feeling is that MeeGo shouldn’t be kicked so much. Were not bought by MeeGo or Intel by any terms, but we believe in that MeeGo and even Symbian would give Nokia much bigger reputation. Lets see what happens when Nokia and Microsoft really starts to ship. Lets see and see if Distrita was right or not. Maybe Nokia can change in time? Or is sauna more important in the Suomi land?