Nokia is moving towards Microsoft these days, but their best phone was launched in the same month as iPhone. On June 2007, Nokia showed the world how a smartphone should be and its still a beast, even today. Both in size and technology.

This phone from 2007 can surf the web with newest Opera, it can play music with crystal clear sound and it does show HD content video too! It got Symbian S60, but its one of the most stable Symbian mobiles, together with Nokias absolute hit -The Nokia N95-.

Me, the writer of this article! I have been using this Nokia E90 since its launch in 2007. I am very happy with it. Its a bit heavy, but it is a beast in form of technology and I dont understand peoples complains about Symbian. I feel its smoother, better and overal easier to use than both Android and iOS from Apple . I remember people complaining about the speed of Symbian, but for the enduser like me. I find it very fast. Yes it is! I have compared using my Nokia E90 with my Samsung Galaxy S and in most cases Nokia E90 runs circles around my Samsung Galaxy S when it comes to browse thru cataloges, programs and files. I dont say that Samsung Galaxy S is bad, but Nokia had a good path with Symbian. Same with their MeeGo phone, the Nokia N9.

Why is Nokia doing so many things that makes them fall and fall on the stats everywhere. Please Nokia. Re-think your strategy and come back. The world needs you. The more competition there are, the better.

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