The Russian Federation’s digital and internet chief, Herman Klimenko, is again in the headlines because of his statement that Windows is getting thrown out from the Russian government. Now a special Linux version is to be used.

More tax
During an interview Klimenko and President Vladimir Putin was expressing discontent toward foreign technology companies that they claim never pay taxes, unlike Russian companies.

Klimenko hopes to aggregate for a new law that will make foreign companies like Google and Apple to pay 18 percent VAT on apps and services sold online.

– When you buy an app from Google Play or the App Store in Europe, is VAT registered automatically, but not in our republic, Klimenko explains.

Linux for the Russian government
The political duo also claims that they are now removing Microsoft Windows from all PCs in government. The PCs will be replaced by Linux-based alternatives that have been developed in Russia.
According to Putin’s personal internet expert 22,000 municipal governments are already ready to trade.