From the bottom of our hearts here at Distrita and from all of our topic sites such as Amitopia and Ytago. We wish you a pleasant celebration tonight. Today is the last day of 2019 and for the last 11 years, we have been updating the site networks with over 3000 articles. Now that’s something! Thanks to all of you contributing to our site. We Love You!

Focus on More content every day in 2020

The images in this article indicate a bit of how Distrita will become in 2019. Because we sort of wants our roots to grow. These images are from Oslo, Norway where we are located. Almost no cars in the streets of Oslo center. It is pleasant to walk around and think of what the Distrita future will be.

From the moment when we launched Distrita 11 years ago. Our mission with the site was to be a source for local topics from around the world. Now in 2020, we will embrace that service even more for you. We want to cover your topics that you love. Share them here!

Contribute with posts so that Your site gets legal clicks

But that’s not all. We also need contributions from you in 2020 also to make the site grow. My pictures here of Oslo gives you a nice example. You can take your own photos of your experience that you have or you can contribute with a good Source. After that, you can write to us. Distrita has a great domain score.

So if you contribute here, you can earn lots of legal backlinks by posting content here. You don’t need to pay lots to get your blog or magazine get real clicks. In return, we only ask that your blog also links to us. Linkbuilding is important.

Oslo is getting ready for 2020

As one of the smallest capitals in the world. Oslo isn’t a big city. Many say that Oslo is the world’s biggest village and that is true. In the city center, almost no cars can drive. Only Police, Ambulance, Firefighters, trams, taxi and buses can go here. I wanted to show you it on the last day of 2019.


Happy New Year

from all of us at Distrita to you!