eurovisionOn Saturday 14th of March 2015, both NRK and SVT broadcasted Eurovision Song Contest local finals. Norway decided to send a duet, while Sweden choose to send a guy that won a song which for many is quite alike David Guetta and Avicii type of music.

NRK and SVT are national tv channels with no commercial interruptions. People who buys TV’s have to pay a yearly fine to watch them. Same as BBC in United Kingdom.

The Swedish version is called “Melodifestivalen” and got more than 30 000 audience members having fun at Friends Arena in Stockholm. Adding the 3.7 million that actually watched the show on SVT, this makes the show quite alive compared to the one in Norway.

In Norway, the Eurovision final is called Melodi Grand Prix. The show  was broadcasted from Oslo Spectrum with only 4500 audience members and only 1.2 million people watched the show.

To be even more clear on what these numbers means, look here:

  • Sweden got 3.7 million people that was watching. 37.7% of its population at 9.8 million people watched the show.
  • Norway got 1.2 million people that was watching. 23.5% of its population at 5.1 million people watched the show.

These numbers says it quite clear that the Eurovision Song Contest interest is way more popular in Sweden. Also its important to say that Melodifestivalen have many finals, while the Melodi Grand Prix show in Norway only got one final this year. Another fact is that Swedes makes this show into something personal. The show is not only music, but also shows and stunts.

So inn this battle, Sweden wins over Norway. The music interest in Sweden is very different from in Norway. While Sweden likes dance and pop, people in Norway is more into rock and electronica music.

Who will win this years Eurovision Song Contest? We will all find that out on May 23rd in Vienna, Austria.