We have been writing about Japan and its gaming industry before. Modified versions of Super Mario 64 games are nothing new in Europe, and so this new PC port of the Nintendo 64 classic has recently been released online. But Nintendo is not happy this time. Nintendo has decided to put its foot down seriously. Yet again Nintendo damages their own reputation.

The TorrentFreak website reports that Nintendo, through a law firm, is now trying to stop the spread of the new PC version even though it isn’t sold anywhere. It is a hobby made the project that Nintendo shouldn’t touch at all. Yet they do.

Nintendo goes after impressive coders

Today, Nintendo requires, among other things, the removal of Google links and program files posted online by awesome coders, and they have also begun to look for videos from the game available on YouTube.

The version of Super Mario 64 that is out is a DirectX12 version. It was VGC who first announced the new Super Mario 64 port, which offers the entire game in a playable form and up to 4K resolution via DirectX12 technology. It is made by a fan and was announced via social media.

In addition to 4K resolution, the new port can also be played with modern controllers, such as the Xbox One controller, and it is also possible to play in ultra-widescreen mode and add modern graphic effects.

The same person has previously built the Super Mario Odyssey hat into Super Mario 64 and created a mod that lets you play Super Mario 64 from a first-person perspective.

photosource: YouTube – This video must stay on-line!

Support this gifted Super Mario 64 coder

Donations: and support him for the work his done. Its fantastic to see what people manage to do out of a game that was released on the 23rd of June 23, 1996!


People are already commenting!

Nintendo: sorry it’s no allowed to have fun in this universe !

They have zero grounds to try and pull this. It’s reverse engineered code, which they cannot claim violates any of their code copyrights, and they aren’t distributing in-game assets, but rather require you to run a python script that will extract the game assets from a ROM that you have to obtain on your own. Nintendo is abusing the law if they try and hit these developers false copyright claims.

The whole ’90s geek world couldn’t let this wonderful news go by without a teardrop. Thank you for your effort… It’s really a bummer that nintendo is fighting you. I would be more than happy to play the game once again…

The European and American gaming market seems to not compute with Nintendo at all. In Europe, it is so common to do these remakes. Computer users are free here. The creativity flows and that’s something that Nintendo wants to stop. It’s not possible. This is made for fun. Just look at Pixelglass that ports tons of Sega MegaCD titles to Amiga.

Nintendo needs to understand that the computer creativity in Europe is creative and thats something that they can’t stop. People loves Super Mario 64. It gives you love which you just want to crush and that’s wrong. Stop this nonesense Nintendo! Now!

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