A nice new set of footpaths for pedestrians can be found on Steam Workshop that can be used in Transport Fever 2. They look really nice. Transport Fever 2 is a transport tycoon alike game that we have been covering a lot. Since December the game started to get some updates and it is nice to see more content that arrives all the time to the service. This new pedestrian footpaths standalone package is made by AV on Steam Workshop and they increase the gaming experience a lot.

So if you are looking for customizing your towns even more. Just look at these that can also support tramways in the game.

All of the footpaths Explained

  • More than 11 new pedestrian roads
  • Nice textures used on all of the pedestrian roads
  • People will use them a lot

When you have downloaded this package for Transport Fever 2. It is important that you activate it in the game. You will see it appear in the menu when you have activated it in the mod section of the game before you load a map. Just remember that this is an extension and it can break parts of the game without warnings. So you should use it on a map that you use for sandbox playing.

You will get two versions when getting this package. One that can be used as a standalone mod and the other one can be used with “with signs” version. Please look at the video below where the author explains much more about how to use it.

Great new pathways for Transport Fever 2

These new awesome pedestrian paths with lots of nice details come from AV’s Workshop which does provide a very nice natural look to them so that they improve the looks of the game a lot. Some claim that there are issues with this mod. That the AI of the game is still building houses. Also, the AI of the game ignores the fences mod with collision turned on. I have tested this out too with having the same issues with AI. But for the looks of it, it’s important.

I hope that these small issues will be improved. So, this is the reason why you should use this on a map which isn’t that important for you. Test this mod out and if you like it. You can add it further. But if not, then you know more too.

I really love that Transport Fever 2 got support for mods. With even more fixes done for the game itself that I hope will be out soon. This game will have a bright future. Also with Paradox creating their own installer to Cities Skylines. Many gamers including myself have stopped to play the game totally. It is impossible for me to install the new Paradox installer. Maybe someone from that camp should test this game out then? With these issues. The team behind Transport Fever 2 has the chance to do something.

Some of the footpaths that come with this package for Transport Fever 2

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Source: Steam Workshop