We have been looking into how well these low budget hotels are prepared for the future. Many people in 2017 travels with several gadgets that needs to be charged or used etc., and so this article is about those affordable hotels that the staff at Electrita have visited. We simply review their gadget support for their visitors.

In this very first review, we are taking look at NH-Düsseldorf in Düsseldorf, Germany.


photosource: Distrita – Here you can see the wireless charging lamp and the USB connectors in the wall

No need to Bring big Bulky Charger adapters to NH-Düsseldorf

We are all in 2017. We are all beyond the Y2K times and we should have flying cars now, shouldn’t we? USB was invented many years ago, but it is first now in 2017 that this standard seems to get some standard everywhere. In Oslo buses and metros you can now charge your phone with just a USB cable. So, why can’t you do this in any hotel?

NH-Düsseldorf in Düsseldorf, Germany is one of the nicest and coolest affordable hotels that I’v been to. This hotel chain seems to doing what they are supposed to. Here you have USB chargers everywhere in the room. Also they provide with a wireless charging lamp in the room. NH-Düsseldorf is for sure thinking of their customers. So, when you’re going to NH-Düsseldorf chain. Then you don’t need to take your bulky charger with you. Anything that can make your travel more relaxing is great. Isn’t it? And NH-Düsseldorf have just done that.

Many hotels needs to learn from NH-Düsseldorf in Düsseldorf

Good Seats Guide

Other hotels like Ibis in Paris, NH-Düsseldorf in Karlsruhe and Smart Hotel Schweiz in München that we have visited, does have something to learn from NH-Düsseldorf in Düsseldorf. Having USB charging possibility in the wall possibility equipment is really handy for those traveling and can’t be too expensive for your hotel chain to purchase. Your hotel chain will also save power costs, because none of the visitors needs to bring external USB charges that actually can use too much power than what they need to give out if its a cheap one. Also your hotel will protect yourself much more regarding unpredictable fires that these USB chargers can start.

NH-Düsseldorf is affordable. The stay in this hotel cost around 40 Euros per night and all the USB charging possibilities gave it something extra. Now I know that when I am visiting NH-Düsseldorf , then I will be able to charge my mobile phones, tablets or even cameras that supports USB charging there. Great to know and full kudos from Electrita and Distrita team regarding this hotel.

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Map of where to find NH-Düsseldorf in Düsseldorf, Germany

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