PremiershipFootballAre you furious that World Cup in Brazil is over? The next World Cup will be held in Russia. So relax, it is “only” 1,423 days until the next World Cup party, which will be twice as expensive.

When the Olympics in Sotsji was been held. Putin and Russia spared nothing, as they used more than 300 000 000 NOK, which is about 35 000 000 Euro.

Atleast, the World Cup in Russia won’t be as expensive. The World Cup in Russia will not be as expensive. According to recent estimates it will cost Russia almost 130 000 000 NOK to host the World Cup. This is twice as much as the original budget. The state pays half while the investors sponsoring the rest of the feast is the latest.

In Brazil, there were huge protests against spending. Championship for around 70 000 000 NOK, just over half of what the upcoming soccer World Cup will cost.

Distrita is then asking. Why is football so commercial? Why is it so expensive? This sport supposed to be for everyone and not for just the richest people in the world. FIFA should have given every poor person a chance to watch the matches somehow. What do you think? Have FIFA made what it takes to give all people in Brazil a chance to be part of the party?


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