Hot day in OsloSeveral places in Oslo had over 24C. That came as a positive surprise for many, but the weather in Norway in April have always been a difficult. Tourists from much warmer countries gets a surprise, because Norwegians starts to walk in t-shirt and shorts when the temps starts to heat our white skins.

Warm days – Cold days

The April month is hard to predict. The reason for this is mostly that the sun starts to heat, but at the same time the winds from the north pole is still affecting the weather situation. As of now, the trees and flowers have just started to bloom, but they are all very skeptic to grow a lot because of the cold and even freezing nights.

Farmers Nightmares can be true in April

Most of the farmers and flower loving people here in Norway starts to work more intense in March and April here up-north. That is however a risky sport against the nature, which can give quite negative surprises. Not until May, they can be sure of 90% that they will have a nice summer. Reason for this is once the freezing night time comes, the temps drops down to 0C or even below. Yes, March and April can give snow and ice without warnings and sometimes the weather forecasts have really hard times to predict the right weather also at this time.

Some of the affects is that some of the plants which have started to grow, can die because of the ice and that can lead to a very bad summer for the farmers. Mostly farmers do have tents for flowers and vegetables which helps them to keep to heat, but when its minus degrees outside. Then that job can be quite difficult.

We hope for a great Spring

So, let’s hope that this April won’t give any more negative surprises like snow and ice. Then the farmers will have a bright summer ahead. All the best to them from us.

Hotter than on Mallorca in Spain, Yesterday

To conclude this article, I just want to add that yesterday in Oslo was hotter than in Mallorca, Spain. That is amazing, but this will not last long now in April. So for now, Norwegians loves to stay outside and get lots of sun. So be aware to find them in any green spots in the city as long as the warm temperatures holds.