Skies of Arcardia for DreamcastMany writes about Final Fantasy 7 as one of the best RPG games ever made. We at Distrita have come to an conclusion that Skies of Arcardia for Dreamcast and GameCube is the best RPG game of all time and here is our reasons for this claim. Thats why we have decided to give it our Distrita RPG Gaming Gold Award. Here we have gathered our reasons for the decision. This is not about starting a huge debate about the topic. Most of the rewards on-line are media mass made, while Distrita awards is Independent and what we at Distrita actually mean.

Introduction to this Game

Floating World

In this game you control floating pirates. The world have been ripped apart, so it consists of several floating islands. You have a ships that takes you between these islands. You can explore islands or goto islands with shops etc. Your characters grows as the story goes and you can talk to everyone you meet. Controlling the characters is easy, so getting into the gameplay for both young and old is not an issue at all. The menus of the game is also well done and you understand all of the functions both if you are new into the genre or if you’re and expert in RPG.

When fighting with your enemies you also will understand the menus, tactics and special powers pretty fast. This game is a perfect introduction to the RPG genre as well as be an interesting game for everyone.

The World and its Surroundings

GameCube VersionAs mentioned, this game is quite big. There is a line thru the whole game, but you do have freedom to visit islands that you have already discovered over and over again for the most of the time. The graphics can seem a bit outdated now in 2015, but for the time it was quite amazing and still is. All of the islands you visit are different in sizes. Some have water, others are pure desert islands while others are in pure darkness. The atmosphere is such diverse everywhere you go. Including the pretty graphics, the game also stands out with one of the gaming worlds best soundtracks ever made. Each island and each place have their own background tunes which fits to the surroundings.

There is simply no other game that puts every gamer into the very same feeling. Everyone that I’ve been talking to in Norway, Sweden, Poland, Indonesia, Malaysia and Germany that have played the game. All of them admires the game. People that I give info about the game to, try it and plays thru it straight away. The game is really underrated in the World Books of Gaming. This game puts everyone into a world that is a bit like ours, but at the same time so different. Especially the Valua City part of the game which shows the difference between lower and richer part of the city. You dock and enter the sad and poor part of the city with music that gives you thrills down your neck and tears in your eyes. The music still sits in my mind after several years. Not only for Valua city, but for the entire game.


Fighting is Really funMost of the gaming sites worldwide writes about Final Fantasy be the best RPG games ever made. SEGA however did a superb job with Skies of Arcardia. The game is so unique that every gamer understands it. You can be young or old, but you all will love this game. The way the characters rises up during this game and the way they act to each other is fantastic. There is much reading and little speech, but that is no minus at all. The game have several Final Fantasy elements, but Skies of Arcardia takes the genre even further. SEGA did fantastic games before with their Sonic games, but with their Skies of Arcardia release. They simply came with at title that was released for Dreamcast and Nintendo GameCube.


Distrita Score: rating5

Here is a Skies of Arcardia on Dreamcast Longplay

Note: The graphics and especially the music is epic. This is really a masterpiece of a game. Watch and be amazed.