Web, WordPress: When developing a website, you might be using Windows, OSX or maybe Linux if you have that in your office. So, how about AmigaOS? The so called outdated operating system shouldn’t support CSS, HTML5 or even Lightbox or JQUERY. Answer is simple. It is possible on nextgen AmigaOS systems like AmigaOS4, MorphOS and on AROS. These underground operating systems got updated browsers for over 1 year. It is fully possible to work with these operating systems and here Distrita shows how you can. Here I describe and show how WordPress looks like on OWB for MorphOS as this is the OS that I run daily.

As you may know, WordPress is a CMS system that lets you make a site with few clicks which is open source. Anyone can edit and make it as they want to. There are free themes and paid themes that can be used or you can write your own theme and make it connect with all parts of WordPress. Today over 20% of the net is made with WordPress.

Here is how WordPress interface looks like in OWB for MorphOS:


As you see, the interface is exactly the same here as on Windows or OSX browsers:





Here I also demonstrate that even picture implementation works without problems. The only difference here is that the file requester looks more AmigaOS-alike (second image):




This article is here to show how well the nextgen AmigaOS’s have become. Neither of them have a big company like Microsoft or Apple or even hundreds of developers like Linux. But still, Amiga today can do things that both PC and Mac desktop machines can. MorphOS infact turns your iBook G4 or PowerBook G4 into useable laptops. Don’t throw out good hardware! The only thing that matters is what sort of operating system runs on your hardware. If you feel that Windows or OSX is lagging,… then try AmigaOS and with right interest it can compete with Windows and OSX in your home.

This article is just one of many that will describe Amiga in dailylife here on Distrita website. Let me try to inspire you.

MorphOS 3.5.1 Screenshots taken by the Distrita team