Check out our Amiga site! for news about what’s happening in the Amiga world. Because this news will make you angry as anyone else using Windows 10 should be. Because now it is clear that the WordPad app which comes with the OS is getting ads in it. WordPad is a text editor which is something in-between Notepad and Word and this is the app that will be getting ads according to the Winaero website.

This article is related to WinRT + that this feature is only for non-registered Windows users. But what Microsoft decides to do with it in the end, we don’t know. So this is only active in the unregistered version of Windows 10. It is part of the WinRT/UWP API. It is disabled in a normal, valid install. But what Microsoft will do with in the future we don’t know that for now.

Get ready to get ads in your WordPad app

An upcoming feature of WordPad has been discovered by enthusiasts, revealing in-app ads that promote Microsoft Office. The change is hidden in recent Insider Preview builds, and not activated for most users.

WordPad is a very simple text editor, more powerful than Notepad, but still less feature rich than Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer. It is good for creating a simple text document without complicated formatting.

So, if you are a Windows 10 user and uses this app. This is something that might be happening very soon. Together with Apple, Microsoft seems to dig its own grave bigger and bigger. Because the little privacy that you got is soon over totally when Microsoft is adding more and more ads into their operating system.

Do they think that an OS is a tv channel or something? No, it isn’t. So, its time for you to change if you don’t want to be spammed with ads in every corner of your desktop operating system.

Alternatives to Windows 10 for those that don’t like ads

With more and more advertisements and preinstalled junkware that Microsoft puts into Windows 10, then the more we think that this becomes a less and less decent operating system to use. It simply turns into a user-hostile desktop operating system which got so much potential. But Microsoft wants just more and more income and so they put the personal private life away for millions of its users worldwide.

Apple, on the other hand, is also going down the same route with iOS, and everything about it just feels not right at all. So we urge anyone that wants an desktop OS to either chose AmigaOS, MorphOS, AROS or even Linux.

The introduction of This ad is One of the many reasons that I use my Windows 10 machine only for gaming more and more. All of the serious apps that I use I use then on MacOS X which sort of got some privacy left still. I transitioned all of our working machines away from Windows and to AmigaOS, MorphOS, and Linux in 2019 and feel that’s been a path that is correct for me and the whole Distrita website. Yes, I am even writing this on my MorphOS machine with the latest OWB WebKit browser right now too.


Microsoft is going down if they continue and with their closure of Windows 7 support. The company lost its charm completely. So from now on my PC is only a Wintendo machine. A machine for gaming and social network posting. For the rest such as website making, logo, and design creation I use my MacOS X and MorphOS machines for everything. Linux is also getting more and more used at our offices too.

Its time for a change. Or do you want your desktop to be spammed with ads? It is your choice!

Source: Winaero Website