In the name of solidarity and liberalism. Here is our explenation about the political Pirate Party movement in the world. Distrita is an independent website and anyone writing here have their own rights to describe or tell about what they stand for. I am part of the Norwegian Pirate Party and with this introduction, I want to explain to you about what Pirate Party here in Norway and in other countries is supposed to do and stand for. Let’s begin!..

I. Pirates are free

Pirates like freedom, independence and self-determination and dislike blind obedience. They stand for the individual’s right to make choices based on information. Pirates take responsibility as freedom assumes.

II. Pirates respect privacy

Pirates protect the personal sphere. They fight against a growing surveillance mania from both state and private business, because it inhibits the individual’s free development. A free and democratic society is impossible without privacy and freedom from surveillance.

III. Pirates are critical

Pirates are creative, curious, and do not settle for peace. They challenge systems, look for weaknesses, and find solutions. Pirates learn from their mistakes.


IV. Pirates are fair

They keep their word. Solidarity is important in achieving common goals. Pirates are a counterweight to the “lazy” attitude that permeates society, and has the courage to resort to action when necessary.

V. Pirates respect life


Pirates are peaceful. Therefore, they reject the death penalty and oppose the destruction of our environment. Pirates stand for sustainable nature and resource management. They do not accept patent on life.

VI. Pirates are eager for knowledge

Access to information, education, knowledge and scientific research must be unlimited. Pirates support free sharing of culture and free software.

VII. Pirates are solidarity

Pirates respect human dignity. They dedicate themselves to a society united in solidarity, where the strong defend the weak. Pirates stand for an objective and fair political culture.


VIII. Pirates are international

The pirates are a global movement. They take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet and are therefore able to think and trade without limits.

The Norwegian Pirate Party must show more of itself and since I am a member, I hope you read the Pirate codex which I’ve put up here. Knowledge, Solidarity and be part of the International Pirate movement is important. We respect life, to a fair life yet we can be critical too. But most important we care for your privacy and you choice to be free! Let’s work for a better world together. Even USA got its Pirate Party too, which have many interesting blogging and news too. Check it out!

This political party in the world is a movement that is swiping the world with it’s knowledge more and more. It’s important that people starts to understand about their future and your privacy future. Pirate Party is the future of political systems that is more democratic than ever. The world needs to wake up and eager for the right Knowledge. Because that’s what Pirate Party is all about!

USA Pirate Party
Norwegian Pirate Party