The Apollo team is doing their best to make the FPGA Vampire card for A600 better and better. Now they have launched their “Silver7” update. Read on whats new.

The Apollo core is a FPGA-reimplementation of the m68k-series of Motorola which also provides a seperate graphic mode called SAGA. The core currently is used in the accelerator board “Vampire 600 V2”.

Among others the update “Silver7” provides tools for Mac-OS as well as the version of the Vampire for the Amiga500 which still is in development. The developers would appreciate any kind of feedback and ask you to use the IRC-channel #Apollo-Team on Freenode.

Changelog for Silver7 update:

  • Added CHK2, CAS2, CMP2 for Mac OS programs
  • Added EXTW/L instruction fusing
  • Added FAST-IDE for V500
  • Added HDMI bootpic (credits to flype and Crom00)
  • Added MOVEX (Little Endian Move)
  • Enabled 85% of BranchTargetCache
  • Enabled PEA/BSR/JSR/RTS in 2nd pipe
  • Fixed BFEXTU and BFEXTS flag bugs (thanks JimDrew)
  • Fixed MOVES, NCBD, PACK and TRAPcc bugs
  • Optimized SUBQ/BNE loop pattern
  • Removed Fusion memory reserve (broke some games)
Vampire 600
Even Ice Age got the Vampire 600 card!?

Download the Update
Get the Silver7 update from Apollo Accelerator website here
If you want to order a Vampire 600 v2 card for your Amiga 600, then check out #wheretobuy at