Unreal OsloThere are many visions of Oslo. A small capital sitting up-north in a country called Norway, which is part of Scandinavia in Europe. There are artists that have visions of Oslo town itself. Unreal Oslo is such project and this is what Distrita got from Sahak Sahakian about his project.

HOME the promised land

“The new media are not bridges between man and nature: they are nature”
McLuhan, 1969

HOME is a metaphor for a primordial campfire. An alternative vision of a parallel reality. Immersive 21st century Gesamtkunstwerk. It is commonplace to speak of the spatial arts, painting sculpture, performance, video.. as narrative arts. At its core HOME is a container for these narratives.
Essentially, HOME is about opening up virtual spaces to artists and curators to investigate the relationships in media convergence, participatory culture, and collective intelligence.
Creating the adjacent possible, a kind of shadow future, hovering on the edges of the current state of things, a map of all the ways in which the present can reinvent itself.
It is an imaginary world where ideas can have sex. Disrupting current thinking to provoke new discoveries.
A paradigm for Trans media Storytelling, a narrative for the age of convergence with several points of entry. Ontological relationships between art play and game. In a constant dialogue and intimate connection with the real world. HOME is a transmedial storytelling space, a portal connecting the world of ideas, and the tangible, life.
Social contract. Redefine he fabric of Reality…Sins the printing press the stories have been linear in nature…Authorship of the narrative, blurring the borders
passive linear story versus interactive immersive non-linear using the environment and its built in logic.

Unreal Oslo Map

Unreal Oslo moving on Without Money in Mind

Go to the artistic project website here: Unreal Oslo or visit his Facebook site.

The artist of this project however says to Distrita that he tries to get SOSI (data files containing Terrain, buildings, road networks, trees, parks, etc ..) from something called “Plan og Bygningsetaten”, but they are quite difficult. They are the ones responsible for plans and building construction plans in Oslo.

The difficult is the price. The so called “Plan og Bygningsetaten” wants humongus money for the data. But Sahak Sahakian tries to explain that he isn’t interested in getting money for this huge project. He simply wants it to become an artistic project. He actually have plans to create a SecondLife game out of Oslo or something else.

So, maybe if you have ideas to the project, why not follow him on Facebook? He writes this to Distrita:

I think that it is as a kind of Second Life only that it is based on Oslo
And players can submit proposals for changes in the architecture and the world would get updated weekly each week filed with different changes

It would certainly be an interesting thing to get a game based on Oslo. More on this project will be given once Distrita have got more. We wish Sahak Sahakian all the best for this project. It’s interesting indeed.