Is this a comedy? Not really!

There is a lot of streaming services. Viaplay, HBO Nordic and Netflix are just some of them that are known to us here up north. But when I see a free streaming service with ads that shows movies with titles such as Nipples and Palm Trees, Ring Ring, Fist of Fury and Beasts of the Bible. Then I had to check it out. The Tubi streaming service was founded by Farhad Massoudi and Thomas Ahn Hicks of AdRise in San Francisco. It got launched in 2014 as a free service and is it too today. There were some GDPR problems in 2018 but today the service works without issues in Europe too it seems.

I wanted to find out what this Tubi streaming service is like after the Distrita article about Red 11 which is coming to the service and I needed to check out the Tubi streaming service itself. Tubi seems to have lots of rights in America. There it is known for being the largest independently owned video service in the United States, with over 15,000 movies and television series currently available.

But here in Norway, it is like a B-film service. All of the big names in the streaming service industry such as HBO Nordic, Viaplay and Netflix here got their rights so Tubi here is a stripped but very interesting streaming service. Nothing bad about the content. It is just different and that’s what I like about the Tubi service here.

A classic that you can watch for free!

Hong Kong action, Drama, Comedy, Horror, and Sci-Fi on Tubi

Let’s talk about some of the movies that caught my eyes because of the titles. In one of the most awesome movies that I’ve seen there, you meet the mighty, Bruce Lee. He plays in Fist of Fury, which is an iconic action film about a student who fights for the honor of the oppressed Chinese people and to avenge his master’s murder. It is an old movie from 1972, but it still holds if you love these types of movies.

Without having this movie showing to me on the front page, I would never have seen it and I am a big fan of Hong Kong movies. These are type of movies that got lots of action. I really love the fighting scenes in them and so Fist Of Fury is no exception to this.

Fist of Fury got some really nice fighting scenes that must be seen even today. So to be able to watch this movie for free is a huge thanks to Tubi streaming service for sure.

In the Nipples and Palm Trees B-movie, a lonely, struggling artist in LA is a person experiences a series of raunchy, bizarre sexual encounters until he finds himself desiring more than quick sex. It sounds like a cheap porn movie and yes it is without the sex. It got very cheap acting but at the same time, it is just a movie about a man’s struggle. But calling this movie a comedy is a bit wrong, isn’t it? It would never have a chance anywhere else so Tubi makes this movie worldwide.


The rest of the movies are in the same B-movie category so if you just want to have a watch of movies that is not in the best quality. Tubi is the streaming network for you. Also, almost everything you see is also ad-free even though this is a streaming service with the advertisement in it.

I didn’t want to see this one.

Tubi use experience explained

The streaming service itself is easy to use. You just go to and pick up a random movie and it works. You have to register yourself though, but if you do have a Facebook account. You can use that to log in.

Once you are in, you can watch all of the content that is available. Just remember that including having a web page, Tubi also got an app for both Android and iOS. We at Distrita have only checked out the web version of their service.


All in all, I think that this streaming service is great. Maybe it’s a bit different here in Europe, but that’s totally okay. I haven’t gone through all of the movies. Maybe I find something that is worthy to write about or maybe you have a suggestion? Not all streaming services need to be Hollywood hyped services and it is great to see that Tubi in Europe is not that type of service. Making it a bit more unique.

So, get ready to watch lots of B-movies! We were not sponsored by Tubi at all to do this article. It is in my personal view that it is interesting to mention streaming services that aren’t that big over here. Not only the bigger players in the streaming field should be mentioned. Also the less known. So if you know of any streaming services that we haven’t written about. We want to know and help them to be known!

Tubi FAQ

What is Tubi streaming?

It is a streaming service coming from USA with advertising.

Does Tubi have subscription?

No. Everything on the stream is free to watch.

Is it the same content everywhere on Tubi?

No. This is because of streaming rights. Tubi provides more than 15,000 titles actually.


What is the Tubi streaming website?

The link is

Is the GDPR solved with Tubi in Europe?

Yes it is. Tubi streaming service works fine in Europe.

What do you think of Tubi?

Source: Tubi Exploration by Michal